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Posted date:  August 9, 2006

Before going over to Chinatown yesterday, I spent a couple hours at Paak Khlong Talaat, one of Bankgok’s biggest wholesale markets, and come evening, the home of Bangkok’s famous flower market. There’s lots to see here, and even more to photograph, but it’s tough shooting. Low light makes it necessary to use a tripod in most cases, and the variety of light (natural, tungsten, flourescent) wreaks havoc on even the best digital SLRs. I don’t like to use a tripod though, and could care less about White Balance, and tried to take advantage of these factors, as well as the hectic nature of the market:


No, the young man above is not on fire; he’s simply moving some bright yellow flowers. This guy is moving roses wrapped in newspaper:


Choosing the right flowers can be a hard decision:


After all, there are lotuses:


and more lotuses:


and… uh, I’m really not sure what these are:


Particular to Thailand are buds of fragrant jasmine that have been threaded and formed into garlands, often used as religious offerings:


Another happy customer:


and another busy vendor:


at a busy market:


A few more pics from the night can be seen here.

2 Comments for Flowers!

Wow. Great pics. I love the delicacy of the jasmine garlands. The action shots are so dramatic too. He really does look like he’s on fire!

Thank you! It’s a fun place to take pics if you’re ever in BKK.

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