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Fashion tips from a military dictator

Posted date:  September 6, 2007

(A larger version can be seen here.)

I came across this interesting item at Wikipedia. It’s a poster advocating how Thais should and should not have dressed during the conservative Phibulsongkhram era (1938-1945). It reads:

Thai Culture
When in communal or official places
When in public or on the street

(left side)
Do Not
Dressing in this manner is not part of Thai custom
Do not wear a sarong or expose the upper body
Do not shave your head or wear a Muslim-style hat
Do not expose the upper body or wear a shawl
Do not wear only underclothes or carry things on your head

(right side)
Thai custom entails dressing this way
Do wear international-style clothes or Thai style short trousers
Do wear a proper button-down shirt
Do wear your hair long and a clean, proper outer shirt
Everybody must wear a proper skirt

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I saw your post about this topic for a couple days. As a Thai, I have been thinking about it. My first thought, I was sad to see how Thai identity was dictated to be transformed, and now it was gone! However, coming back to see it clealy, I have another thought about it.
It might be a way to unify Thai culture. You may see that on the left hand-side, there are a mix of cultural, racial, and multi-class dresses. To make the society more unity, this may be a way to go. Anyway, it is just a thought. It may be right or wrong. However, the idea of uniting the society is still current nowaday. Don’t you agree?



Funnily enough it was moi who scanned the original image (for a 2Bangkok.com article entitled “Nation-building and the Pursuit of Nationalism under Field Marshal Plaek Phibunsongkhram”).

I’m not at all surprised that some nefarious Wikipedian’s stolen it!

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