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Eau Hua Sukiyaki

Posted date:  January 8, 2011
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***This restaurant has closed. AB***

Dating back to 1955, Eau Hua is allegedly Bangkok’s oldest sukiyaki restaurant. It must have been pretty influential, as sukii is one of the most ubiquitous types of restaurant in Bangkok nowadays.

Although the selections here are much fewer than those of chain suki restaurants Coca or MK, after a few visits, I reckon this is probably my favourite place to do sukii in Bangkok. The old-school atmosphere, once you get past the religious iconography, is fun:


and the broth and ingredients are of good-quality and tasty. I particularly like the dipping sauce, which is not as sweet as others’ and has an almost meaty shrimp paste-like flavour.

They also do other dishes and we had a nice smokey khao phat puu, fried rice with crab.

For something (very) marginally related, here’s a list of Portuguese words that have entered the Japanese language, many of them food-related.

Eau Hua Sukiyaki
842-846 Thanon Rama IV, Bangkok
02 234 3548

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