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Posted date:  March 24, 2009

Walking in Old Dhaka, Bangladesh

Shooting photos in Dhaka, Bangladesh was the most fun I’ve had in a long time. There are few certifiable ‘sights’ in the city, but the hectic atmosphere and abundance of incredibly friendly people combined to make it a virtual game reserve for photographers. To commence a slideshow of 25 random images from the city, click on the image above — use keyboard arrows or hold your mouse above the images to navigate through them.

8 Comments for Dhaka

Austin, your photos are amazing!!! Thanks a lot for sharing^^.

This is awesome – hot pink and teal (?). Love this shot.

Hi Austin.

I like your slideshow, great work!

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like this one,it like builing a niche this niche of the human heart,
It’s is a niche ..
but of this unique form of innocent little child ..

Your photography is very rich and vibrant. Absolutely beautiful!!

by Kardia Williams

Awesome and thanks for sharing.. .

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