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Cutting board meatballs

Posted date:  August 14, 2008

Look chin khiang, 'cutting board meatballs', at Lampang's night market

It was at Lampang’s night market that I first came across look chin khiang, ‘cutting board meatballs’ (shown above). Several vendors were selling them, and just about everybody was eating them. Initially I was impressed by their size–roughly equivalent to a child’s fist. But I also really loved how they were served. After being grilled:

Look chin khiang, 'cutting board meatballs', grilling at Lampang's night market

the gigantic meatballs were served with a steak knife, the porcine cutting board shown above, and a sweet bottled-tasting sauce. Unskewer, cut, dip and eat.

They tasted about as good as they look.

8 Comments for Cutting board meatballs

Those balls do look succulent.

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