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Code questions…

Posted date:  October 3, 2006

Users of Internet Explorer should now be able to see my sidebar where it should be–at the side of the page, but it naughtily refuses to line up with my banner. Anybody with the requisite knowledge of code know how to correct this?


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You need to add top:0; to #sidebar in your CSS. I use a Mac and it also fails to line up using Safari. top:0 fixes Safari as far as I can tell, assuming you want the sidebar to be next to your banner.

Thanks for the tip–I tried it, but as you can see it doesn’t seem to work (unless I did something wrong!).


Hi Austin-

Go search through Food Blog S’cool.

Sorry I haven’t linked to the exact post (not a blogger user so it doesn’t stick in the ole brain)… but several have asked about this exact problem and received quite a bit of help.

ps- your mussel pineapple curry is on my next weekend to-do list!

mcauliflower: Ta muchly, will have a look, and if it works you’ll know the next time you come here!

You should post on your efforts with the curry, I’d love to see how it turns out.


mccauliflower: Oh hey, I just saw you’re from Oregon! I’m originally from Sandy (near Mt Hood) and went to university in Eugene!



I left the comment about adding a top:0 to #sidebar. Looking at the source of you page, I don’t see it.

I don’t use blogger, so I’m not sure what you have to do to edit your templates. Do a View Source in whatever browser you use and look for the #sidbar section just after /* Content near the top of the page contents. That is where the top:0 needs to be added.

anon: I tried adding top:0; but it just shoved the entire sidebar to the top of the page! Thanks anyway though… Guess I’ll spend some more time at Food Blog S’cool.

Hmm, so I guess you want the sidebar to line up with the edge of the banner? Or do you want the banner to line up with the sidebar?

Please describe exactly what you want the page to look like.

I need the sidebar to shift towards the left, so that the right edge of the sidebar is in line with the right edge of the banner. And I’d like for it to be this way on both IE and Firefox. Is this clear enough?

Unfortunately, the blogger template is not the most recent version of the template. The later versions make it easier to postion the sidebar.

You can fake it and get pretty close by changing #sidebar like so:

postion: relative
right: 16%

Anon: Thanks, but relative and 16% violently crashed my sidebar to the far LEFT margin of the page directly on top of the body text!


Sorry. I haven’t been back lately to see the results. It looks like you managed to fix it (with Safari) anyway.

It looks ok for me now.. Did you fix it? If not, send me an email and I’ll help.

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