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Canon PowerShot S90

Posted date:  January 25, 2011

Mae Hong Son, shot with the Canon PowerShot S90 (ISO 250, f/4.9)

In response to my own post of several months ago, I eventually settled on the Canon PowerShot S90.

I’ve generally been pretty happy with it, and it’s liberating to be able to stuff a camera in my pocket rather than lug around an entire kit. A few other positives:

-Easy to manipulate f/stop and exposure
-Has a ‘fast’ f/2 aperture at the wide end
-Can shoot in RAW
-As shown above, with lots of light and at low ISOs, I can get pretty good quality shots

Some failings:

-Flimsy construction, particularly the wheel that controls the previously-mentioned exposure
-Shots generally tend to look ‘flat’ with little dynamic range
-Pretty noisy, even when shooting in RAW at relatively low (400) ISOs:

Mae Hong Son’s Wat Phra That Doi Kong Muu, shot with the Canon PowerShot S90 (ISO 400, f/2.0)

As always happens, I wish I’d held out a few months and bought the S95. I played with it in a store recently and the build is a lot stronger, although the image quality appears to be the same.

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Hello Austin! You have some absolutely awesome photographs on here. I’m also a blogger who writes about life in Thailand, and so I came across your blog while looking for new and interesting ideas. Best of luck with your work, I shall try and come and visit from time to time and keep up to date on what you are posting!

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