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Calling all Oregonians

Posted date:  July 23, 2008

A curry dinner at Jek Pui, a popular stall in Bangkok's Chinatown that has no tables

A curry dinner at Jek Pui, a popular stall in Bangkok’s Chinatown that has no tables. 

18 of my Thai food images are currently on display at Pok Pok, the Portland restaurant that in 2007, was The Oregonian’s Restaurant of the Year. Andy, Pok Pok’s chef/owner was recently on a recon trip here in Thailand, and we were able to meet up and visit some of the places pictured. It is highly unlikely that I’ll be able make it over to Portland to witness this for myself, so I encourage anybody in the area to stop by on my behalf. I’ve heard the food’s pretty good too…

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Hey congrats on the show! I have been to Pok Pok several times and am pleased with its success and its food. I will send a bulletin on myspace and maybe get some people I know to show ups.

Very kind of you, Mawell. Let me know how it looks!

Austin, let me assure that you that Pok Pok has the best Thai food I’ve ever had in the US, and I’ve been eating Thai food since 1980 and have been to Thailand four times (and have lived in the LA and SF bay areas). It is *exactly* like Bangkok food, when Bangkok food is authentic and good. I mean it is addictively authentic!

I live in the bay area and I may have to fly to Portland to eat there a bunch of times as an interim solution to my desire to go back to Thailand. It’s that good.

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