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Breaking the fast in Pattani

Posted date:  September 26, 2009

Serving up Muslim-style Thai dishes at a post-fasting food market, Pattani

I happened to be in Pattani, one of Thailand’s most Muslim cities, during Ramadan. I had read about the post-fasting markets held in Muslim countries during this holiday, and after talking to a few motorcycle taxi drivers, learned that was a large one held not far from Pattani’s central mosque:

At a post-fasting food market in Pattani

There was a huge amount of hungry people and interesting food. The latter ran the gamut from traditional Muslim items such as roti:

Roti, Pattani

and dates, a traditional fast-breaking food:

Dates to break the fast, Pattani

to more local foods, such as southern-style Muslim curries (shown at the top of this post) and khanom kho:

Khanom kho, soft rice flour surrounding a piece of sugarcane, Pattani

impossibly soft pillows of rice flour encasing a crunchy cube of sugarcane. There was a popular vendor selling buffalo stew:

A vendor selling buffalo soup, Pattani

identified by its strong smell, not to mention the carefully-displayed tell-tale hooves and horn. And of course, several vendors selling the ubiquitous khao yam:

Serving up khao yam, Pattani

By the time it started to get dark, much of the food was virtually sold out and the crowds were already thin, with most folks presumably on their way home with the day’s meal.

4 Comments for Breaking the fast in Pattani

The Khanom looks like Khanom Tom? And was the soup really buffalo and not just Sup Hang Wua?

I love your blog! Thailand is one of my favourite countries, Thai food is one of my favourite cuisines and the photos are fabulous. I’ve added you to my blogroll and look forward to drooling over your photos!

Your blog is awesome.

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