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Breakfast on Ko Yao Noi

Posted date:  March 26, 2009

A dish of khao yam, Ko Yao Noi, Thailand

I love breakfast in southern Thailand. Unlike breakfast in the west (or even elsewhere in Thailand), which is typically as bland as possible, southern Thais fancy a bit of flavour in the morning. Khao yam, the rice ‘salad’ illustrated above, isn’t exactly spicy, but the abundance of thinly-sliced fresh herbs certainly stands in contrast to a bowl of oatmeal or rice porridge. This dish was heavy on the galangal and mackerel, and served slightly warm, was a wonderful breakfast, particularly when coupled with a glass of sweet Muslim-style tea:

Drinking sweet tea for breakfast, Ko Yao Noi, Thailand

On Ko Yao Noi many choose to begin the day with khao mok kai, chicken biryani:

Serving up khao mok, chicken biryani, Ko Yao Noi, Thailand

Fragrant with turmeric and other dried spices, it’s a dish usually regarded as lunch elsewhere inĀ  Thailand.

Another popular breakfast is khanom jeen nam yaa pak tai, fresh rice noodles ladled with an equal parts creamy and spicy curry dressing:

Khanom jeen, fresh rice noodles, with a southern-style curry dressing and side dishes, Ko Yao Noi, Thailand

You can cut the heat with some of the unusual toppings, which here ranged from slices of watermelon to pickled jackfruit, as well as some interesting local herbs.

And if you find this all a bit too much for breakfast, you can always go for the huge array of sweet-ish snacks on offer at just about any southern-style coffee shop:

Sweet breakfast snacks eaten with coffee, Ko Yao Noi, Thailand

3 Comments for Breakfast on Ko Yao Noi

I totally agree that the Thai Southern breakfast is one of the tastitest in the world. I still remember the time when I was in Nakhon Sri Thammarat and munched on, for the first dish of the day, arrays of those firey curries on kanom cheen. Gang Tai Pla, which is one of the spiciest available, happens to be my favorite for it answers perfectly to my sardistic palate.

The khao yam looks delicious. Reminds me of ‘nasi kerabu’ here in Malaysia.

Great pictures!

A nice version of Kao Yam is Kao Yam Nam Budu, the nam budu is Southern Thai budu sauce (similar to pla raa in many respects), and Ko Yao Noi was the one place, after some hunting around that I could easily find budu sauce to purchase (could not find it down in Satun for example). Re: the comment on Gan Tai Pla (fish innards curry), it is the hardest curry to make correctly, even for Kon Thai, and its wickedly hot.. Pet Rawn.. 5555

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