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Breakfast on Ko Samui

Posted date:  March 3, 2008

Breakfast at Lamai's morning market, Ko Samui.

I’ve been on Ko Samui for almost a week now, and although finding real Thai food is not impossible, it can be something of a struggle. While on Lamai Beach I had a handsome meal of bangers and mash, was tempted to order pizza (‘Chef from Naples’), and one night ate dinner at, uh… a Swedish restaurant (falukorv med stekt potatis och äkta svensk senap!). These were all satisfying, but I was still longing for something… local. I finally found it the next morning at Lamai’s morning market. There I had a breakfast of sweet Thai tea with a Thai sweet (pictured above–name forgotten). Sweet, yes, but Thai. More to follow…

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Watz da brown shit on ze caramel coloured slab? I gotz 2 know.

Wonder where they get that falukorv from.

Hello to you!
I will arrive in Bangkok on the 14 and return to Seoul on the 29th of March. Would you share with me a hotel that is quiet, has hot water and is inexpensive? I hope to also visit Ko Tao as well as Ayutthaya thanks to you. My plans are to take cooking lessons, photograph food and places, a yoga retreat and of course, be grateful every second to be in Thailand!

Thank you.


the brown things on that are fried mince pork and shallot

It is “Kanom Kee Man” ขนมขี้มัน in Thai

This was a really southern dessert

I’m a local.

Kanom Kee mann is a southern dessert, but now can be found in Talad Karn Bin Thai (Behind Thai Airways Headquarter) or Soi Lalaisup @ Silom ( but not sure for now)
May I recommend u for a famous southern thai food restaurant on samui here?

1.Wann Tok หวันตก บางมะขาม – Famous for Seafood, especially Fish
2.***** a must — Bang Por Seafood (Tar Kho) – บางปอ ซีฟู้ด – ตาโข – Thai seafood, southern style –
3.Ko Seng (โกเซ้ง) – Hadd or Talad Maenam – Like #2 but with more chinese style and higher price
4. Sabiang Talay (From Chaweng to Naton, Pass Lamai beach) Abhisit Vejajiva and Many politicians have been here.
เสบียงเล ครับ (จาก เฉวง ไปทาง หน้าทอน เลย หาดละไม ไปนิดหน่อยครับ)

Hey there, love your photography and food blogs. Mind if I add you as my blogroll? Also, would be nice to feature what is the definitive thai national dish? i just started blogging and looking to define a national dish for each Asian food culture. Thanks in advance!

oh here is my blogsite: http://asianfoodnetwork.net

Next time you are in Ko Samui you might try visiting Baan Yai which features “home style cooking”. I hope it is still there, I was there about three years ago. See
for their card.

Your blog’s great.

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