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Breakfast in Vientiane

Posted date:  March 22, 2010

 Bread from Le Banneton, a French bakery in Vientiane, Laos

I’ve been in Vientiane, Laos for the better part of a month now and during this time, my breakfast has hardly diverged from two places. Most days I’ll head for Le Banneton, a French bakery in the centre of town. Usually I’ll eat in and order their excellent cafe latte (brewed with Lao beans) and a sweet-ish pastry, such as kouign amann:

Cafe latte and kouign amman at Le Banneton, a French bakery in Vientiane, Laos

But sometimes I’ll buy some of their bread, usually still warm from the oven, and eat it at home with the good salted butter and apricot jam I picked up (illustrated at the top of this post). Highly recommended; I wish we had a bakery half this good in Bangkok.

Le Banneton
Th Nokeo Khumman
021 217 321
7am-7pm Mon-Sat, 7am-1.30pm Sun

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If I’m looking for something more local, I simply head a couple blocks north of my place, up to just before the intersection of Th Chao Anou and Th Bun Heng. A few vendors set up there in front of an old movie theatre selling breakfasty things such as rice porridge, khao piak (thick rice/tapioca flour noodles served in a slightly thick broth), phở and coffee. I usually go for the bánh cuốn (ban kuan in Lao):

A dish of banh cuon, freshly-steamed noodle filled with pork, Vientiane

freshly-steamed noodles filled with a pork mixture and served with Vietnamese pork sausage and a sweet/sour dipping sauce. They’re tasty, although not nearly as nice as those I’ve had in Hanoi, and make a yet another great breakfast I wish we had in Thailand…

Around the corner, a popular vendor also does decent khao piak,

Dishing up khao piak, Vientiane, Laos

Very porky, and served with hearty cubes of blood — but arrive early, otherwise the noodles tend to disintegrate.

Breakfast vendors
Th Chao Anou

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5 Comments for Breakfast in Vientiane

What a selection of breads in Le Banneton. Sweet memories, brings me back…and the sumptuous smells..what a way to start the day. Killer coffee to boot…

You can sometimes find mediocre ban kuan at the Tang Hua Seng in Banglamphu. It might be a trek for you for breakfast, but it never was for me since I lived in the hood while studying at TU.

those pastries look so delicious!

On visa run now. Last time was ’08 when the riverfront had a different face than dirt and dirt and some stalls. Following your blog from Krung Thep. Le Banneton this morning with kickin’ coffee and pastries, later the 3 Sisters place. Wondering when I’ll get to read about French food in Vientiane. La Vendome used to cook up a lovely souffle!

[…] was raw milk camembert, saucissson and liver pate. Both loaves of bread were from Le Banneton, Vientiane’s best bakery. And because I was with Christophe, who is Lao but who spent most of […]

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