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BlogDay 2006

Posted date:  August 31, 2006


Since Pim at Chez Pim and Helen at Grab Your Fork were both kind enough to mention RealThai as one five blogs they want to share on the occasion of Blog Day 2006, I thought it best to repay the favor and mention five blogs I enjoy. Unfortunately, I’m a day late (Blog Day was officially August 31st), but I’m sure none of the following talented bloggers will mind:

1. Rolly’s Recipes is probably the first thing resembling a foodblog I ever came across, and I liked it immediately. Rolly is an American guy living with a family in Mexico, who graciously shares illustrated recipes of the food that the family makes. Try their insanely spicy, but delicious salsa casera. I did, and I love it.

2. I must admit that I’m not a regular reader of Algerian Cuisine, a blog by Farid Zadi, but I try to stop by in every once in a while, and find it fascinating to learn about a cuisine I know absolutely nothing about. Although he hasn’t been updating too much lately, do visit and learn how to make octopus soup!

3. The Traveler’s Lunchbox is one of the most aesthetically pleasing foodblogs on the ‘net. Ironically, the author, Melissa, and I are the same age, come from the same part of the US, have both studied linguistics, have both lived outside of our home country for ages, and are both crazy about food. Who knows, maybe we’re also related?
4. Although Pim already beat me to it, and I’ve previously mentioned it here, I can’t enough of the Cambodian-based foodblog, Phnomenon. Phil (the self-confessed “pimp of Khmer cuisine”) really knows his stuff, and is probably the most talented and sharp-witted foodblog writer out there, as seen in the following quote: “Cambodian beer will always have a place in my heart, right next to that blood fluke that I caught while swimming in the Mekong.”

5. I’ve recently been obsessed with real tacos. Part of the source of my obsession was my discovery of The Great Taco Hunt, a blog based in LA. The author, Bandini, is a card-carrying “taco journalist” who scours southern California for the best tacos, and who occasionally also delves into taco politics, and taco couture. I immediately gained respect for his work when, on the first anniversary of his blog, he enjoyed, yes, a birthday taco, complete with candle.

3 Comments for BlogDay 2006

Hi Austin, many thanks for the mention! Our similarities are kind of eerie. Twins separated at birth, perhaps?

Thanks for your great contributions to the global food guide list, by the way. My dad, who lives in Portland, has just discovered that he lives a few houses down from the owner of the Pearl Bakery. Apparently I’ve been promised a tour and the whole shebang the next time I visit. Yum!

Hi Austin

I apologize for being a bit late with a thank you note. I’ve been very busy traveling and teaching.

True, I haven’t been updating the blog that much but that will change. I am on a part of Slow Food Pan-Arab now, look for posts in the future from Algeria.

Good luck with your book about Thai cuisine. Let me know when it comes out.

Hi Austin,

I am Bee, a new food blogger. I just started a Malaysian food blog at rasamalaysia.com. Do check it out when you have a moment.

The site is still shallow and lack of great content, but I am heading home to Malaysia next week, plus Robyn at EatingAsia and I are planning to meet up in Penang, so hopefully I will have plenty to blog on… 😉

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