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Big Mama

Posted date:  March 7, 2007


I’ve been doing restaurant reviews for a local listings mag as of late and have decided to include some of the more interesting places here. However, I should make it clear that for each of these, my visit has been arranged ahead of time and I’m not paying for the food. Despite this, I’ll do my best to be as objective as possible, and my goal is simply to spread the word of good eats in Bangkok, not to promote certain restaurants.

One of my first visits has to be one of the oddest restaurants in Bangkok. Big Mama describes itself as a pizzeria/Italian restaurant, but could be more accurately classified as Italian-American food with Thai accents as served to a Japanese and Korean clientele. Despite this geographical confusion, it works somehow, and I really enjoyed the majority of my meal.

Being a fan of salt and fish, I began with anchovy spaghetti:


Which was served in an earthenware container, topped with a dough lid and baked for a few minutes. Upon arriving at the table, the staff opens this ‘lid’:


to reveal steaming pasta topped with anchovies, chilies and parsley. However the best part was found at the bottom of the bowl, and was a ‘sauce’ of garlic and shallots sauteed in olive oil until they reached an almost creamlike state. This dish, with its disparate Italian roots, hearty American serving size, and Thai flavours, somehow really worked.

The pasta was accompanied by Greek salad:


Which was just about perfect–a tasty, well-balanced dressing, delicious tomatoes and bell peppers (that I suspect come from the excellent Royal Project Foundation), and plenty of salty feta.

And this being a pizzeria, they encouraged me to try one of their pizzas, and provided a combo:


The pizza, really the only disappointment of the meal, was topped with a bizarre combination of hot dog-like sausage, lunch meat ham, enoki mushrooms, bell peppers and cheese. Despite being made in a custom-built wood-burning oven, the pie just couldn’t support the extreme variety of unrelated toppings and mostly went home in a doggie bag. A bit odd that they would choose this particular pie for me to sample. To be fair, the sauce was nice, and the dough OK, and I suspect a pizza of more subtle topping could very well be pretty good.

In addition to the colourful interior (first pic above), Big Mama also has a pleasant outdoor dining area:


If I lived closer, I would easily make Big Mama my local Italian/American/Thai restaurant.

Big Mama Pizzeria
139 Asok Soi 1
02 259 0232

5 Comments for Big Mama

LOL, it fasinated me with farang food with Thai interpretations. Of course, when we are in Thailand we tried to stay away from this type of food as possible.

Is there a thing such as Italian-Thai food? My wife always wondered about that. For example, you know Italian-American food has doesn’t taste like the old country Italian. But, this food is made by Italian Americans.

Hey! You are??? Which one? Guru?

peck: there are attempts at Italian-Thai food here, but they don’t always work. This place did pretty well.

greg: Bangkok 101–I’m friends with the editor/publisher.

here to confirm Big Mama is super*
+++ what a cool hunter u r!!! love ur blog – so delish+charming+fun fun to explore.
We ‘re at BigMama last night, it’s always fab! the pla khem dish is always yum! we had great VG. style one as well, Mag-Matt the ower was amazing one, so flexible.
Soup of the day is fab everyday, beyond that the intimacy we got from there is beyond the food*

note: will try the best hoi tord from ur list*

enjoy exploring,

Big variety of Good and tasty food in a very special restaurant,
Original homemade Italian food and pizzazz, some dices are very unique with Thai, Greece, and Turkey taste.
I highly recommend to Thai people and foreigners or tourists that want to experience real special Italian cuisine to visit this restaurant.
The atmosphere and energy in Big mama with multinational people, friendly staff makes the place very lively.
I love the simple colorful warm decoration with big paintings hanging on the wall.
To my surprise the price of the Amazing evening at Big mama was very very reasonable, I become a fan of Big mama and I recommend you to visit this great restaurant,
I certainty will visit there again soon.

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