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Bangkok, May 19, 2010

Posted date:  May 18, 2010
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 Tanks crossing the barricade into the protesters' camp, Bangkok
Tanks crossing the barricade into the protesters’ camp, Bangkok

As of about 8.30am this morning, and after several hours of early morning fighting, tanks have crossed the protesters’ tire and bamboo barricade near Lumphini Park to. This is significant, but it still remains to be seen what will happen, and I continue to hear gunshots and explosions as I write this.

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Austin, I’ve followed your blog and posts since old ‘egullet’ days… I wish you safety and that life returns to normal soon.

It seems you aren’t too interested in Twitter-ing any live accounts, but I would be interested in following them, if you should think it warranted now. If so, please post your twitter username here and i’d follow. good luck.

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