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Bangkok B&W Episode 5

Posted date:  July 28, 2006
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Am making every effort to improve my photo skillz, and today took a jaunty stroll through the sunny streets of Bangkok, gaily snapping photos of the gentle natives. OK, of course it wasn’t like that; car exaust from rush hour nearly made me vomit and two people yelled at me for taking their photos, but it was still good fun. I started at the Saphan Taksin BTS station and made my way along Charoen Krung Road all the way to Chinatown, a long walk that I’ve never done in its entirety.

Taken from Takin Bridge, these are commuters getting off the Chao Phraya Express Boat:


and getting off the river crossing boat from Thonburi:


Just up the road a bit is the Bang Rak market. Can you tell what these people are doing? (It would be much easier if there was color.):


Noy naa (custard apples) for sale along Charoen Krung:


And street vendors:



Approaching Chinatown there is an area where there are countless shops that deal in used engine parts:



How many Thais can you fit in a tuk tuk?


Not hard to tell what part of town these were taken in:



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