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Bangkok B&W Episode 3

Posted date:  April 6, 2006

Was in the Tha Phra Chan area today, an old Bangkok neighborhood along the Chao Phraya with lotsa cool stuff to see and eat.

This woman is making mataba, savory filled “pancakes”:

Maharat Road, running paralell to the river, is a virtual open air market, and this guy is selling the most common item, Buddha amulets:

A line of tuk-tuks along the same street:

This was taken on a ferry boat crossing the river a bit downstream at Rajanee Pier:

4 Comments for Bangkok B&W Episode 3

Great photography. I love mataba.

Thanks! Yes, mataba are good, especially this shop’s version (I was going to include an entry on them here but this was the only pic that really turned out nice–got to keep up the standards, you know).


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