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Bangkok, April 13, 2009

Posted date:  April 13, 2009

Thai military and red-shirted protests confront each other near Ratchaprarop interesection

If you follow events in Thailand then you’re probably already aware of the anti-government protests that have taken place in Bangkok. I was able to witness some of the clashes firsthand today from 1-3pm in the area surrounding the Victory Monument. Although by the evening of the same day the situation appears to have calmed, the standoff was tense and occasionally violent, and could potentially have been much worse. To view a slideshow of some of the images (taken with my new Nikon D700!), click on the image above — use keyboard arrows or hold your mouse above the images to navigate through them.

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Love image 11 of 13. We were worried about you though…I’m glad you were standing behind the army and not in front of them


be safe Aj. Austin
watch out for lost child(ลูกหลง)

D700 – Best. Camera. Ever. Great shots, looking forward to seeing more results soon, be careful out there.

Yipes, this demonstration sure is more intense than last year by the “yellow shirts.” Hope you’re staying safe & out of trouble.

I’m scared to go to Bangkok now, but I already have a ticket booked to go there at the end of May. I sure hope things settle down.

Is the atmosphere there in Bkk really somber and scary? Are all businesses closed?

Great shots, and good to see that you’re giving the d700 a workout. Stay safe.

Maylee: Eventually I did cross no man’s land into the red zone. There was actually many fewer people that I thought — they were wise to give up in the end.

ATT: Is that how you say stray bullets in Thai?

Kate: The Reds gave up and things are more or less back to normal — until the next time around, that is… I don’t think you should let this deter you from visiting.

Phil: Cheers. Am loving the camera, and may even be shooting w/ it in Melbourne.

ATT’s comment is hilarious. “Lost child” — haha.

this one .. that is to illustrate the differences in thought
You paraphrase is good

Today, May 16th 2010, I found this post of yours from a year ago.

How badly things developed.

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