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Bang Saen, again

Posted date:  July 29, 2008

A salad of horseshoe crab eggs, Bang Saen

Bang Saen, the nearest beach from Bangkok, was the topic of my first blog post. That was way back in 2005, and I think I’ve only been back once since then.  It was high time for a re-run, so with Hock and Maytel and their mad wheelz, A, and all of our empty stomachs, we headed out on a recent Sunday.

Bang Saen is quintessentially Thai in that it’s a beach where people go to eat, not to swim. You’ll see a couple kids splashing around in the water, but the vast majority of people who go there plan to stay dry and eat all manner of seafood. All of Bang Saen’s eats are prepared at dozens of tiny but bulging portable stalls at the edge of the sand:

Making dishes at a beachside stall, Bang Saen

It’s been a mighty long time since I took part in good, old-fashioned yam khai maengdaa thale, horseshoe crab egg salad (shown at the top of this post), and I had plans to order this even before boarding the vehicle. Hock didn’t seem so keen on it, but I really liked the combination of the strips of sour mango and the weird crunchiness of the eggs.

It’s a given that somebody will order grilled prawns:

Grilled prawns and seafood dipping sauce, Bang Saen

Maytel loved these. I’m not sure if I even got to taste one, but I did quite enjoy the garlicky seafood dipping sauce.

A ordered yam thua phloo, wing bean salad, which was a wise decision indeed:

Wing bean and prawn salad, Bang Saen

mostly as there was no lack of crispy deep-fried shallots.

Somebody ordered po taek, a delicious variant on the ubiquitous tom yam:

Tom yam po taek, seafood tom yam with holy basil leaves, Bang Saen

which includes a variety of seafood and a generous handful of bai kraphrao, holy basil leaves.

And there was a grilled plaa kraphong:

Digging into grilled fish, Bang Saen

which unusually, was stuffed with herbs, and less unusually, accompanied by more garlic-loaded seafood sauce.

A beautiful sunset was an appropriate end to our meal:

Bang Saen, the nearest beach to Bangkok

After which we left Bang Saen, feeling high from all the garlic.

The entire set of images can be enjoyed here.

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Yum thua phloo and grilled plaa kraphong are my favorite. I’ve never try yum kai poo though.

I just glanced at your blog and it appears that you’re in Oregon–that’s my home state! I used to have a similar view of Mt. Hood from my bedroom window. If you’re into baking, you should visit the Pearl Bakery in Portland–it’s long been considered one of the better bakeries around. Another one called Ken’s also has a very good reputation. And if you’re missing Thai food, stop by Pok Pok, where my pictures are on display, and let me know how it is!

sorry I ate all the prawns

the po taek was good huh and I’m so happy because now I know the name for this tom yum variant I can finally order it without my usual fumblings…

Hi Austin

I love your website, the photos are beautiful. Keep it up. I love learning about your life and what you eat.

I have a question though. Can you recommend a place in Bangkok to get wasted, especially when your BFF is out of town and you have nothing to do over the weekend.

Thanking you in advance.


Man, I would love some recipes for this stuff! Especially the Po Taek. Any chance?

Great post and phenom. pics as usual.

all the best…


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