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At Home With David Alan Harvey

Posted date:  February 2, 2007

At the closing party for the 9 Days… project I was fortunate enough to meet former National Geographic staff photographer and current Magnum Photos member David Alan Harvey for a brief moment. I was even more pleased when he revealed that he is also a fellow blogger. Check out his blog, At Home With David Alan Harvey, which currently features a few pics from his recent visit to Bangkok. If you’re not familiar with the man’s work, be sure to have a look at his online portolio at the Magnum website.

2 Comments for At Home With David Alan Harvey

hey austin….it was a pleasure to meet you and i will stay tuned to your blog….for sure, i can learn something here!! all i do is “order out” thai food….this blog may change it all!! cheers, david

Hi David–likewise. I’ll do my best to teach you about Thai food if you keep teaching us about how to take good photos!


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