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Hint: The vendor was out of tomato sauce.

16 Comments for Any guesses where I’ve spent the previous week?


Well Austin, someone in Minneapolis misses you… where have you been? 😉

No idea. Guessing it’s not McDonald’s though?

It looks yummy… is it kidney pie? Hehe.

Tomato sauce…pies… Australia?

I’m going to guess Australia too!

Oh my cod! British Cafe.

You spent the whole week there?

Battered cumberland sausage anyone?

I hope that’s lamb? It looks very gourmet so you will not have to worry about the below I guess.

The meats allowed by FSANZ in a meat pie are beef, buffalo, CAMEL!!!, cattle, deer, goat, hare, pig, poultry, rabbit and sheep. Kangaroo meat, a leaner alternative, is also sometimes used. However, “most” (close enough) pie manufacturers specify ‘beef’ in their ingredients list; typically, those using other types of meat will simply put ‘meat’ in the list instead. FSANZ’s definition of meat includes snouts, ears, tongue roots, tendons and blood vessels.

But luckily for you…

Only offal (such as brain, heart, kidney, liver, tongue, tripe) must be specified on the label.

And unluckily for you

Wild animals (“slaughtered … in the wild state”) may not be used.

No mention of horse or possum though.


Sydney Australia for Harry’s Cafe de Wheel pies?

That’s definitely a meat pie of some sort. Could be steak and kidney or Steak and Mushroom.

And tomato sauce, or dead horse as some people call it here, you would have to be in Australia. A pie just doesn’t taste the same with tomato sauce.

Austin, I’m going to agree with everyone else and say Australia. I’m here at the moment, visiting family. I’m usually based in Dubai and the first thing we eat when we return is a meat pie. We used to live in Potts Point a decade ago so it was Harry’s for us too! Love your blog! Just recently discovered it. And have just included it in a post about inspiring food blogs. I’m a travel writer and my blog is a reflection on the things I love about travel and an enquiry into what inspires us to travel. Food is one of those inspirations. For me anyway. I’ll definitely be checking in frequently. So, are you going to tell us where you are???

Very close in theory, Phil, but Australia is right. More to follow.


Could also be Hannah’s Pies in Sydney?

Why you did not tell me while you visit Australia? I should take you out for Som Tum!!!

Did you go to Fremantle? The best chilli mussles I tell you! cannot wait to hear the story you would share with us! Love to hear what you think about Aussi world.

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