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A whole lotta khao soi

Posted date:  December 13, 2008

 Andy Ricker, chef/owner of Pok Pok, in Portland, Oregon, eating khao soi at Samoe Jai Fah Ham, Chiang Mai

As if I haven’t been going on about it enough already, I have more exciting khao soi-related news. I was lucky enough to meet up with Andy Ricker of Pok Pok fame in Chiang Mai, where together we visited six of his favourite khao soi joints. The above pic was somewhere into our third bowl at the famous Samoe Jai Fah Ham. I’d love to reveal more, but the results will run in a magazine article next year. More to follow then. For now I’d just like to say that six bowls may not seem like a lot, but I reckon it will be a good while before I gain back the desire to eat khao soi…

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This bowl of Khao Soi definitely looks better than the one you had in Nan a while back, Austin
I don’t think I can ever get Khao Soi’d out … Love the stuff too much. 🙂

OK, you don’t have to eat too much for a while but please continue giving us pictures and locations. Most of us don’t get out and about as much or often as you but we (I) do save the addresses for when we can. Naem Nueng and Kai Gata sites are also most appreciated.

We had a decent Kai Gata and Naem Nueng fellow from Khon Kaen in Hua Hin for a while but his location sucked and he ended up moving to Nakhon Pratom for some reason so now we’re stuck with a place that does overpriced Naen Nueng and watery Khao Soi, equally overpriced.

Keep up the good work. Found your site several months ago searching for Kai Gata sites and discovered we have similar interests in other dishes as well.

Thanks very much for the wonderful pictures, addresses and interest in the places away from Bangkok.

Is khao soi akin to Lao khao poon? the pickled mustard greens and fried noodles on top throw me for a loop, being familiar with the various khao poons in Laos…

It looks yummy regards less.

Looks amazing… I have a stopover of less than 24 hours in Chiang Mai this month, and have been debating what to eat. Khao soi, nam ngiaw, hangleh… If I read your blog any further, I’ll never decide (but at least I’ll have some good addresses.

I have long been a big fan of your site, but have never got around to commenting. Now I live in Thailand I can actually try out the places!

[…] Back in 2008, Andy Ricker, chef/owner of Portland, Oregon restaurant Pok Pok, was kind enough to share with me his favourite khao soi restaurants in Chiang Mai, which later became the basis of a magazine article I did. During our ‘research’, we made a couple attempts to visit Khao Soi Prince, one of his top places and a restaurant I’d heard about but had never eaten at. Unfortunately Prince was closed for Ramadan, and  on subsequent solo visits to Chiang Mai, the restaurant was always closed for one reason or another. […]

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