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A not yet unpacked street stall

Posted date:  June 24, 2008

A yet unpacked stall in Bangkok's Chinatown

as seen in Bangkok’s Chinatown. Any idea what this stall serves?

Incidentally,  I initially wrote ‘An unpacked street stall’ until I realised that the word unpacked literally means not packed, despite the fact that it’s commonly used to mean the exact opposite of this. If you’re not completely confused and desire more details on this odd linguistic phenomenon, go here.

5 Comments for A not yet unpacked street stall

Coffee and toast?

It looks like a vendor for traditional coffee, tea, milk drinks, and probably bread and sung-ka-ya?

Hmmm. Funnily, I am rather confused why there’s a common mistake of writing unpack to mean still packed… Not yet unpacked is what I would write for what you mean in this post… unpack=to empty, thus, unpacked=emptied which this stall is not. I wonder if it’s a mistake that oddly belongs to native English speakers, which I am not.

Is it a nam tofu stall that also sells small bread pieces with sankaya?

Yep; coffee (and other drinks) and toast–well done! I reckon anybody familiar with these dishes will see the scoop tool and the cans of condensed milk as giveaways.

nalika: It is in fact a common mistake made my native English speakers. Check out the link I supplied for an explanation.

Yes, I read the explanation from the link, but while it introduces there is such a phenomenon, it doesn’t quite explain why it commonly occurs to native speakers.

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