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9 Days in the Kingdom Photo Exhibition

Posted date:  November 9, 2007


I’d like to urge any readers in Bangkok to visit the 9 Days in the Kingdom photo exhibition currently being held on the 8th floor of ZEN, Central World. The exhibition is the offshoot of the book of the same name that features the images of world-famous photographers such as Greg Gorman, David Alan Harvey, Steve McCurry, Mike Yamashita, Abbas, Eric Valli, et al over a nine-day period in Thailand during January, 2007. James Nachtwey’s images on an AIDS hospice are particularly moving, and I really enjoyed shots by Surat Osathanukhrah, Dow Wasiksiri, Gueorgui Pinkhassov and Ben Simmons. And as an added bonus, I’m actually featured in one of the images! Mad props to the first RealThai reader who finds me.

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Thanks for the info. This is exactly the type of thing I like to go see and I’ll be in Bangkok just in time to catch it!

is that you repelling in a cave?


mad props to a.

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