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10 Baht Khao Tom

Posted date:  January 12, 2007


I found myself in the Tha Phra Chan area this evening and came across a fun street stall. It sold khao tom, which literally means “boiled rice”, but which usually refers to rice served with a variety of mostly Chinese-style stir-fried dishes. This khao tom stall was a bit unusual in that all the dishes were made in advance, and was also among the cheapest I’ve ever come across: each dish was 10 baht (28 cents). Other than being mad cheap, this khao tom stall was also mad stocked:



And when you have this many choices, choosing side dishes is a serious business:


I chose squid stuffed with ground pork, tofu fried with bean sprouts, and stir-fried eggplants. Total: 45 baht ($1.25). The food wasn’t necessarily very good, but sometimes variety is better than quality. I think, anyway.

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In Malaysia, this is called Economy Rice (because it’s cheap) or Mixed Rice. I hated them when I was in Malaysia; now after experiencing what US has to offer in that department (think Panda Express!), I crave for them so much that I wanted to open a small take-out shop just to sell Malaysian-style economy rice.

There is a superior Khao Tom place around the corner from this one, in a small lane near the 7-11. It only sells Khao Tom Plaa (fish rice porridge) and only late at night. Easily the best in Bangkok.

If you like cooking Thai food, might I recommend this site

Um, Economy Rice is what we have in Singapore too. I suspect it is from Malaysia and there is no difference between Economy Rice in Malaysia and Singapore. I am a big fan of both Khao Tom and Economic Rice. Seem Khao Tom has an advantage which is that you can order many more side dishes separately but Economic Rice is one plate of rice with food on a top of it.

rasa: I agree, it’s something I don’t eat too often now, but but really miss if I move elsewhere!

patiwat: Sounds great, got a name? I’ll keep my eyes open.

anon: Will check it out.

anon: Ordering lots of sides is, my opinion, the best part!

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